Our ONgoing Project

Project Introduction

The Company i.e. Himali Hydro Fund Ltd. (HHFL) is developing the Project i.e. Sona Khola Hydropower Project- 9 MW (SKHPP). Project is located in Mikwakhola rural municipality ward no.- 5 of Taplejung district, Province no. 1, Nepal. Project was initially identified in Dec. 2015 since then the company formation & Licensing work was started consequently in 11th Oct. 2017 Survey License was received from the DOED. After the application for Survey License the Feasibility study was started by hiring
the consultant called Gorkha Hydro Engineering Pvt. Ltd. and finally Feasibility Study was completed in Jan., 2018. In one hand Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) study was parallelly started by hiring the consultant called Green Globe International Pvt. Ltd., In other hand Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) procedure was started. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) has done with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in 28th June, 2018 with sales guaranteed “Take or Pay” category. Similarly, IEE study report was approved in 8th Sept., 2021 from the DOED. Detail Project Report (DPR) was prepared in Sept. 2021 by hiring consultant called Units Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Due Diligence Audit (DDA) of the Project has been completed on 10th December 2023 and has been carried out by Sanima Hydro & Engineering Pvt. Ltd. The 35 years Generation License of project (SKHPP) has received from Department of Electricity Development (DOED), Ministry of Water Resource and Energy (MoWRE) in 12th Jan., 2022. 

Company (HHFL) has started construction of project (SKHPP) from 15th Jan., 2022. The Required Commercial Operation Date (RCOD) i.e. project’s targeted completion date is 13th April, 2025. 

Salient features of Sona Khola Hydropower Project:

1. Project Location
Location:Mikwakhola Gaupalika, Ward no. 5, Taplejung District, Province no. 1, Nepal
Geographical Co-ordinates Latitude:27° 33' 28" to 27° 34' 00" North
Longitude:87° 38' 27" to 87° 40' 08" East
2. Power Development
Name of River:Sona Khola and Khahare Khola
Nearest Town:Taplejung Bazar
Type of Power Generation:Run of River
Gross Head:570.00 m
Installed Capacity:9,000 kW
Average Annual Energy after Outage:56.68 GWh
Average Wet Energy:37.48 GWh (66.12% out of yearly energy production)
Average Dry Energy:19.20 GWh (33.87% out of yearly energy production)
3. Hydrology
Catchment Area at Intake:40.2 km2
Design Discharge (at 45% PoE):1.92 m3/s (Including Khahare Khola)
Riparian Release (10%):0.080 m3/s
Design Flood Discharge:103.50 m3/s (200 years flood)
Average Annual Precipitation:2205 mm
4. Diversion Weir
Type of Weir:Boulder Rip Rap
Length of Weir:18.00 m
Weir Crest Elevation:EL2705.0 masl
Spillway type:Free overflow
5. Intake Structure & Gravel Trap
Type of Intake:Side Intake (Orifice type)
Nos of Opening:Two
Size of Gravel Trap:6.0 m L * 3.5 m W * 2.5 m H
Particle size to be trapped:2mm and greater
6. Settling Basin
Type:Double chamber with Intermittent flushing
Dimension (L x B x H):38.0 m x 4.0 m x 4.0 m (Each)
Inlet Gate (B x H):1.35 m x 1.5 m
Inlet Transition Length:10.0 m
Particle Size to be settled:0.15 mm
Trapping Efficiency:0.9
7. Headpond Portion
Size of head pond :7.5m L * 7.5 m W * 4.5 m H
Normal Water Level:EL 2704.70 m
8. Headrace Pipe
Type:MS Pipe (Circular)
Internal Diameter:1200 mm and 1100 mm
Thickness:8 mm
Length:1200 mm dia. for 1085 m and 1100 mm dia. for 522.44 m, total HRP length=1607.44m
9. Surge Pipe
Type:Inclined Surge Pipe
Size :2m dia. Pipe
Static Water Level:2705.0 masl
Normal Operation Level:2701.16 masl
Down Surge Level:2696.20 masl
Upsurge Surge Level:2711.17 masl
Surge Pipe Length:63.95 m
10. Steel Penstock Pipe
Main Pipe
Type:Mild steel (Circular)
Internal Diameter:1100 mm and 1000 mm dia. pipe
Length:1100 mm dia. for 562.68 m and 1000 mm for 1080 m, total length 1642.68 m
Pipe Thickness:8 to 28 mm
Nos. of Anchor Blocks:34
Nos. of Saddle Supports:22
Bifurcated pipe
Type:Mild steel (Circular)
Internal Diameter:700 mm
Length:19.5 m
Pipe thickness:20 mm (Material : IS 2062E350BR)
Nos. of Anchor Blocks:2
11. Powerhouse
Type:Semi Surface (Concrete frame structure)
Size (L x W):24.0m x 13.50m
Height:16.5 m
Turbine Axis Level:EL 2135.00 masl
12. Tailrace
Type:RCC rectangular
Size (W x D x L):1.8 m W x 1.2 m D x 48.0 m L
Tailrace Water Level:EL 2132.75 masl
13. Turbine
Type:Two Jet Pelton Runner (Horizontal Axis)
14. Generator
Type:3 Phase, Synchronous Generator with Cylindrical Pole,
Rated Output Capacity per Unit:5360 kVA
Specification:6.6 Kv Voltage, 50 Hz Frequency, 0.85 Power Factor
No of Units:2
Excitation System:Brushless
15. Transformer
At Powerhouse
Type:3-phase Oil immersed self-cooled, Outdoor type
Rated Capacity:12.0 MVA
Specification:33/6.6 Kv Voltage Ratio, YNd11 Vector Group
No of Units:One
At Mewa Substation
Type:3-phase Oil immersed self-cooled, Outdoor type
Rated Capacity:12.0 MVA
Specification:132/33 kV Voltage Ratio, YNyn0 Vector Group
No of Units:One
16. Transmission Line
Specification:33 kV single circuit, wolf conductor
Length:8 km from powerhouse to Mewa Sub-station (132/33 kV) in Mikwakhola Gaupalika-5, Taplejung
17. Required Commercial Operation Date (RCOD):2082-07-30
18. Cost & Financial Parameters:
Total estimated Cost of the Project:NPR 181.34 Crore
Energy sales rate:NPR 4.8/unit for Wet & NPR 8.4 /Unit for Dry Period, including 3% selling price escalation till 8th year
1st year estimated revenue:NPR 32 Crore
8th year estimated revenue:NPR 40 Crore